second chance

SecondchanceThere comes a point in our lives, always, when we do things or make mistakes, ones we thought we could never be capable of. That doesn’t mean that we are bad people; it only means that we are not perfect.

In those moments, everything is put to the test, our friendships, our relationships, who we are and who we can still become.

In the process, we wonder who will accept that we are only humans and we admit to make mistakes. Who will forgive us and have enough faith in us? Enough to know that we will learn, grow and change for better. And, finally, who will unconditionally love us?

In those same moments, we begin to find the real ones, the best ones. The ones who, no matter how tough and crazy it gets, will always love us enough, enough to stay and start over with us.

We may choose to let these mistakes consume us and then define us, but we can always choose to forgive it, own up to it and rise above it. We should always know that, in spite and because these mistakes, we can become better people.

No matter what, whoever stays or leaves, whoever fights for or gives up on us, we should never stop loving ourselves and believing in ourselves, knowing that we are not terrible people and that making mistakes happen, even to the best of us.

No matter what, we should never stop having hope, keeping faith and believing, that one blessed day, we will redeem everything and right there we would know, as maturing and growing individuals, we finally got our second chance.


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